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By: Victor Mochere | March 19, 2018

It’s on a Monday morning. I’m supposed to be awake; I must have missed my alarm. Only that I didn't set one, of late my brain is losing it. I’m woken up by some creepy sound in my blanket, it must be my phone right? No, I left it charging.

My bed so wet, the last time I wet my bed, I was 8. So what happened? The sound comes up again. I try to reach deep into my blankets, my hand lands on a soft, slippery cold moving thing. I try to grab it, it jumps onto my chest... a frog.

I immediately jump out of my bed and land in water, a pool of water... in my house. Was I that drunk as to sleep on my swimming pool? No I didn't drink last night and there's no way on earth I could move my bed to the backyard.


There are so many of them, fro...

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By: Victor Mochere | March 13, 2018

Ever wanted to grow your Linkedin connections in an aggressive manner without clicking on each connection button at a time. Here is a script that can enable you grow your connection number to a tune of thousands in just less than 20 minutes.

Here is the procedure:

1. Log in to the LinkedIn account you want to increase the connections number

2. Go to the "My Network" tab

3. Right-click on the page and click on "Inspect" (or just press Ctrl + Shift + I)

4. There, go to the "Console" tab

5. Copy and paste the following code and just press enter:

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By: Victor Mochere | March 09, 2018

Quite often than not, when one of my family members or my friends is celebrating their birthday, I tend to be drawn to such a memorable day for them, showering them with birthday wishes. In the past I have been a victim of even forgetting to do the same to myself. That urge to have attention and love directed to me, to make me feel important, happy and loved even for a single day, is so overwhelming. To cope up, last year I ignited a tradition for me, and hopefully for my generation to come, of dedicating a blog post at the very least, on such a day, to share my experiences and aspirations to those who care to care. Not just for memories, or consolation of any kind, but for me to feel whole and pour out my soul, express the being in me. End...

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By: Victor Mochere | January 31, 2018

I walked into a museum,

To see the python of a snake,

Of the devil I saw,

Walking aimlessly on the pavement,

A unique lass,

Bearing a nice figure,

With no point but to please,

Glued to my prey,

My prey to scoff,

I followed her like a pet to her master,

All the while admiring,

The unique creature behold,

One of the few to exist,

In deed God is a master artist,

She turned,

An eye contact was made,

I felt shy,

She boldly smiled and licked her lips,

So desirable that my body froze,

I felt the urgent urge to advance,

I approached her,

Oh she was into me too,

My prey eager to be gobbled,

The mutual feeling struck,

Deep down into our hearts,

Before I knew it,

She was in my 80m2 bed-sitter,

Nakedly sitting on my bed,

She moved close,

Her ...

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By: Victor Mochere | January 16, 2018

In 2017, Kenya’s economy kicked off with fears of a decline due to heated political temperatures pegged on the elections slated for August that year. The GDP growth in 2017 was initially projected to grow at 5.9% but later reduced to 5.5% which again was cut to 5.0%, amid speculations that the growth will worsen due to the highly charged and divided forthcoming elections. This growth was however to be sustained by continued low international oil prices, continued stability of the Kenya shilling (KES), improved security as a boost to tourism and continued reforms in governance and justice. The National Treasury later announced a drop in revenue collections for the first four months of the 2017/18 (July-June) fiscal year that had fallen short...

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