Victor Mochere


By: Victor Mochere | August 08, 2017

The day is finally here, August 8, the day that #KenyaDecides. And I guess most of you know that. I don’t know whether that decision really matters, whether it will change anything or it’s just a mere formality that we get to do after every five years, but regardless, it’s our decision anyway. And as I woke up today, enduring the morning cold to make long uncomfortable queue, basking under that hot sun, encountering those mean looking policemen… and all those inauspicious things you can think of; it’s not because it’s my democratic right, or because out of spite, or being compelled to by the law, or bribed by a certain greedy politician… naah… am doing it growth and development of my country, my motherland. From ashes to beauty rises hope f...

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