Victor Mochere


By: Victor Mochere | December 25, 2017

It’s on the 25th of December, the 359th day of the year. And the war between Mary and Merry is on its climax, I usually don’t take sides in the war but on this particular one, am compelled to. I’m one of those liberal conservative people, if there are any left, who don’t see any value of Christmas. I can literally mark it as any normal day, watch a movie or two, eat snacks and fall asleep. To me and a couple of lost sheep out there, this day being a Monday is a free rest day. I don’t like history either, my father made sure of that, so I can’t claim to understand Christmas history and its origins. If in deed Jesus Christ was born on this day, then I need to be born thrice again. Regardless of my silly assumptions and opinions, who cares a...

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