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By: Victor Mochere | March 19, 2018

It’s on a Monday morning. I’m supposed to be awake; I must have missed my alarm. Only that I didn't set one, of late my brain is losing it. I’m woken up by some creepy sound in my blanket, it must be my phone right? No, I left it charging.

My bed so wet, the last time I wet my bed, I was 8. So what happened? The sound comes up again. I try to reach deep into my blankets, my hand lands on a soft, slippery cold moving thing. I try to grab it, it jumps onto my chest... a frog.

I immediately jump out of my bed and land in water, a pool of water... in my house. Was I that drunk as to sleep on my swimming pool? No I didn't drink last night and there's no way on earth I could move my bed to the backyard.


There are so many of them, fro...

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By: Victor Mochere | March 09, 2018

Quite often than not, when one of my family members or my friends is celebrating their birthday, I tend to be drawn to such a memorable day for them, showering them with birthday wishes. In the past I have been a victim of even forgetting to do the same to myself. That urge to have attention and love directed to me, to make me feel important, happy and loved even for a single day, is so overwhelming. To cope up, last year I ignited a tradition for me, and hopefully for my generation to come, of dedicating a blog post at the very least, on such a day, to share my experiences and aspirations to those who care to care. Not just for memories, or consolation of any kind, but for me to feel whole and pour out my soul, express the being in me. End...

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By: Victor Mochere | July 12, 2017

Leadership has been defined in many ways based on different perspectives which examine variables such as traits of effective leaders, leadership styles, the concept and use of power, personal and environmental contingencies, and leadership models and theories. Yet in the many articles that have been written and about 350 definitions given by a variety of experts (Lunenburg & Ornstein, 1996), the findings have not been conclusive as to what entails effective leadership. One great definition is: “Leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

Italian political strategist Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince has had incredible influence since its publication 5 years after his d...

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By: Victor Mochere | April 03, 2017

Our lives instigate to culminate the day; we incline to be hushed of the things that substantiate. Seeking to overlook makes exile all the longer, the key of revitalization lies in reminiscence. It is the sphere of gen to talk but the privilege of astuteness to listen and pay attention. Great African writers of the old worked beyond, on the far side of, the superficial of things right or wrong and cleared the ways for our grandparents, oldsters and grandchildren, cleared the path for posterity. Their kindness in words created buoyancy. Their benevolence in discerning breeds profoundness. A being is a product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.

We should transcend textbooks and set books, transcend philosophy and literati’s, go out in...

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By: Victor Mochere | March 23, 2017

When someone talks about graduation the first thing that comes to mind is visions of pomp and circumstance, trying to picture some literati savants cladding in regalias ready to employ their hard gained knowledge in changing the world. Am also in that group of people. Well, guys, I graduated last year December… and so? An idiot somewhere stood and shouted, “Victor, you have done it, hurrah!” And I was perturbed, “Done what? Travelled for 10 continuous hours just to hear my name being read, to wear a murky creepy daunting black dress in the name of a graduation regalia or just because I spent a sleepless night to attend this so called “misplaced ceremony”. Was that what I had waited four years for? Was that the day I had been dreaming for 16...

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