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By: Victor Mochere | October 10, 2017

A lot of things in relationships of this day and age, make me believe that karma is indeed a real bitch! Look.

If you want to know that things are not okay in someone’s relationship, or if you want to know that it is seriously raining on their relationships, then try and check on what these people (who were initially "lovers") post in their timeline lately:- check on their status updates on Facebook and WhatsApp and you will know that premature love-affairs are tricky and picky. In fact, their status updates communicate everything; what is happening in their relationship. (They make us know that they are currently walking at different orbitals) Look on what they post. Very sensitive and repulsive stuff. I have always seen this h...

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By: Victor Mochere | September 27, 2017

Twitter in a move to salvage and boost its flagging growth, yesterday announced in a blog post dubbed 'Giving you more characters to express yourself', testing an expanded tweet limit of 280 characters from 140 - double the existing limit. The feature is currently restricted to a few select group of users, so not every Twitter user will be able to use the new limit just yet. But here’s how to tweet with 280 characters instead of 140:

  • Copy and paste the code below into a new script in Tampermonkey (or or visit this this Github repository, click the “raw” button, then tell tampermonkey to “install” the script).

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By: Victor Mochere | September 19, 2017

I'm sorry I married a church girl,
I saw angel wings beneath that long white dress,
And her voice made me see the gates of Heaven,
I once asked if she would take me there,
She nodded with a holy smile.

As I write this I see my death,
She went last year and sent me my ticket,
She called me yes,
Donno if its to Heaven or Hades,
My head is the only fat thing that remains of your son.

She was a pretty church girl,
Born and raised in the church,
Her father ruled and watched over her,
He chose her friends and places she went,
When she joined the big school away from home,
She moved away from lock and grace.

She carried her generosity along,
She opened doors in the day and legs at night,
She basked in the mornin...

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By: Victor Mochere | September 15, 2017

Below are the codes you can use to mass follow or mass unfollow people on instagram. But remember to use these instagram follow or unfollow scripts for your own personal use/testing and respect Instagram rights.

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By: Victor Mochere | September 13, 2017

There are different ways you can use to prevent image theft from your website. For instance you may choose to disable right click, dragging and saving of images on computers and phones. Below are two types of scripts that will disable the right click menu from appearing when users right click the mouse on your website.

Script 1:

Copy and paste the code below into your header or body of a single webpage you wish to disable right click on.

The 6th line of the disable right click script contains a place to add a message. Find var message="”Right" click is disabled!”; in the script below and replace Right click is disabled! with the message you wish to send your visitors who right click o...

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