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By: Victor Mochere | March 13, 2018

Ever wanted to grow your Linkedin connections in an aggressive manner without clicking on each connection button at a time. Here is a script that can enable you grow your connection number to a tune of thousands in just less than 20 minutes.

Here is the procedure:

1. Log in to the LinkedIn account you want to increase the connections number

2. Go to the "My Network" tab

3. Right-click on the page and click on "Inspect" (or just press Ctrl + Shift + I)

4. There, go to the "Console" tab

5. Copy and paste the following code and just press enter:

setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); }, 2000);

6. Your browser will start to scroll down, just do another thing meanwhile you wait it stops going down

7. When the page reaches the end, just copy and paste this code (Note: Don't press enter, read the next line!):

var currentSuccesfulConnections="0;
var totalConnections="0;
var totalInvitations="0;
var inviteText="";

function addConnection(connection){
    var btn_type="connection.text().trim().split('" ')[0].trim();
    if (btn_type!=inviteText) {

function createConnections(text_invite,max_succesful_connections){

  var connections="jQuery('.button-secondary-small');
    connections.each(function(index, value) {
        setTimeout(addConnection($(this)), index * 1000);
      return false;
  console.log("Possible total connections: " + totalConnections);
  console.log("Succesful total connections: " + currentSuccesfulConnections);
  console.log("Total invitations avoided: " + totalInvitations);

// Don't touch anything above this line
// Change "Invite" to the word Invite in your language if you use LinkedIn in a different language (for example if you use LinkedIn in Spanish, you should change "Invite" with "Invitar")
// If you want to restrict the number of connections change the 0 with another number. 0 means unlimited connections, it will try to connect with everyone in your recommended connections. If you change it to another number, you will do the script connect with a maximum that number of users. Fo example, if I change 0 to 100, I will connect with just 100 persons (as much)


8. Before press enter, you just need to configure two things that I have explained in the code, but I will explain again here.

First, to avoid inviting people who are not on LinkedIn, we will avoid Invite buttons. If you are using LinkedIn in English, just leave "Invite" as it. If you use LinkedIn in another language change "Invite" to the Invite word in your language. For example, in Spanish Invite is Invitar, so I will change "Invite" to "Invitar".

Second, if you want to connect with everyone, just leave the 0 there. But if you want to connect just with a few, let's say 40, you can change that 0 to 40 and the script will just connect with 40.
So, in conclusion, for example, if your LinkedIn is in Spanish and you want to connect with just 40, you have to replace: 

Look for the last line, the one with this: createConnections("Invite",0);




9. And now, just press enter and wait, maybe that browser tab will freeze for a while but don't worry, after a while, you will have made all the connections!

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Posted on : March 13, 2018


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