Victor Mochere


By: Victor Mochere | March 03, 2017

Hi, how are you? Wild endure correct? Meek if nonentity, these banter starters may not make you the most adored soul in the ecosphere, but at least they get folks chatting… right? I mean the climate in Nairobi is splendid, bipolarised, and therefore usually an apposite issue. I wouldn’t surely discern. It’s not that I haven’t vexed, I have, trust me, I have. Not that I don’t want to bond, as I reassure you again, it appears at epochs to be the solitary aim of my exertions. Then, what is holding me back? Anxieties? I don’t think so, I don’t get edgy about chattering to publics but I just don’t comprehend persons, perchance shoddier I can’t apprehend my own wits. 

At times it seems that it’s my vilest nemesis, just picture for a second I...

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