Victor Mochere


By: Victor Mochere | May 23, 2017

It’s around 10pm and am walking home, alone, taking the only route that leads to my parents’ domicile. This one, a rather spooky shrubby scrub, with unimaginable tales, am scared. The day was so hectic and sinful, my heart can’t let go. My mind is preoccupied with thoughts and regrets, I don’t deserve redemption… naah, am not one of the good guys out there. Over the course of my short life, I have made many mistakes but the one I made today will haunt me forever. “How could you Victor? How could you?” Am drowning in my thoughts, the guilt is consuming me. No matter how much I try to deflect my mind, it can’t, it clings to that tragedy. The trajectory of my life is now utterly out of control, am going to crash. “Be strong Victor, at least fo...

Category: Consciousness 

Tags: Guilt