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By: Victor Mochere | January 16, 2018

In 2017, Kenya’s economy kicked off with fears of a decline due to heated political temperatures pegged on the elections slated for August that year. The GDP growth in 2017 was initially projected to grow at 5.9% but later reduced to 5.5% which again was cut to 5.0%, amid speculations that the growth will worsen due to the highly charged and divided forthcoming elections. This growth was however to be sustained by continued low international oil prices, continued stability of the Kenya shilling (KES), improved security as a boost to tourism and continued reforms in governance and justice. The National Treasury later announced a drop in revenue collections for the first four months of the 2017/18 (July-June) fiscal year that had fallen short...

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By: Victor Mochere | August 08, 2017

The day is finally here, August 8, the day that #KenyaDecides. And I guess most of you know that. I don’t know whether that decision really matters, whether it will change anything or it’s just a mere formality that we get to do after every five years, but regardless, it’s our decision anyway. And as I woke up today, enduring the morning cold to make long uncomfortable queue, basking under that hot sun, encountering those mean looking policemen… and all those inauspicious things you can think of; it’s not because it’s my democratic right, or because out of spite, or being compelled to by the law, or bribed by a certain greedy politician… naah… am doing it growth and development of my country, my motherland. From ashes to beauty rises hope f...

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By: Victor Mochere | February 10, 2017

The growth of the Kenyan economy has been steady over the recent past. With the economy hitting 5.9% in 2016 and the World Bank predicting a growth rate 6% in 2017. This attributed to massive investments in infrastructure and creation of more jobs thus boosting the business climate of the country. The expansive fiscal policy of the East African community has enabled the country to bump money into infrastructural developments without pressurizing the domestic financial markets. This in return has helped keep the public debt at a threshold of 50%. This despite the number of risks and threats that have been facing the country, for instance Alshbaab attacks that have affected the tourism sector, one of the key sectors of the country. Talking of...

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By: Victor Mochere | January 23, 2017

Most investors today are bumping their money into real estate as an alternative investment. Over the recent years we have seen real estate companies popping up with an anticipation of tapping into the so called ‘safe and resilient investment option’. For instance, in 2015 real estate investors received a whopping 29% return on investment. This sector of the economy has been boosted greatly by rapid urbanization and growth of the middle class in Kenya, coupled with huge government investments in infrastructure. This has led to massive investments in towns that were marginalized and termed as ‘interior’. The introduction of the devolved form of government saw investment and development opportunities opened up for the taking. These opportuniti...

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By: Victor Mochere | January 16, 2017

Last year, 2016 the Kenyan economy struggled to maintain a steady though staggering growth beating all odds to emerge as one of the fastest growing economies in the region. The World Bank in March 2016 through its Kenya Economic Update (KEU), had projected the country's economic performance to grow by 5.9% in 2016 up from 5.6% in 2015, and expected to hit 6% in 2017. The report attributed this growth to low oil prices, good agriculture performance, supportive monetary policy, and ongoing infrastructure investments.

As per the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)'s 2016 quarterly reports; in the first quarter 2016, the economy rose by 5.9% compared to 5.0% for the same quarter in 2015. As for the second quarter, the economy grew by...

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