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By: Victor Mochere | November 06, 2017

A while back, I found my torn soul slowly healing and reforming, in the shape of a wolf. I ate poor unsuspecting sheep in my wake. See, I had just come from my Sinai, my relationship up in the smoke, my hormones raging and trust incomprehensible to a lost me.

She as always took her time to learn me, ask questions and stomach the insults there were. That was how I ended up in the arms of a well known, yet inaccessible young beautiful lady. We shared, we laughed. I fell, fast, faster and soon she was my beb. That was not the peak though...

She had her eyes on you, a very exquisite lass. She told it to me and I nursed my hurt in silence, urging her on. Your praises were sung by the page and soon I faded into a shadow in the night. I nearly ...

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By: Victor Mochere | October 10, 2017

A lot of things in relationships of this day and age, make me believe that karma is indeed a real bitch! Look.

If you want to know that things are not okay in someone’s relationship, or if you want to know that it is seriously raining on their relationships, then try and check on what these people (who were initially "lovers") post in their timeline lately:- check on their status updates on Facebook and WhatsApp and you will know that premature love-affairs are tricky and picky. In fact, their status updates communicate everything; what is happening in their relationship. (They make us know that they are currently walking at different orbitals) Look on what they post. Very sensitive and repulsive stuff. I have always seen this h...

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