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Shed My Blood is a fiction set piece written by Victor Mochere. The plot of the whole story revolves around an African family setup held forth by marriage and customs but it is at the point of collapse due to jealous and lack of understanding. The book being a short narration is composed of seven chapters.

Chapter One:

We are introduced to a poor African family who are extremely poor due to their past mistakes they made. The writer brings to light a character by the name Peter who is the husband to an expectant wife by the name Jane. Within the first paragraphs of this chapter we are immediately introduced to the cruelty and abusive nature of this man more so to his wife. Whereas the wife, Jane is shown to be a very honest, humble and friendly person to all including his husband even despite the character of Peter who constantly despises she strives to be patient and do her duty as a wife. In this chapter also the writer takes the readers to a flashback to give the readers a glimpse on the happenings before their current state of poverty. Peter also is portrayed to be very mean and extremely selfish.

Chapter Two:
The author writes more about Peter’s greedy and lack of reason. The cruelty on Peter in this chapter has intensified and its more clear now to the readers. Then is further portrayed to be an inquisitive and a fearful woman, she is said to be loved by many due to her positive character. Another character introduced by the name Daniel, who is Peter’s neighbour. When Jane gets tired of Peter’s behavior she runs to Daniel’s house this bring more conflict between her and Peter to the point he starts to doubt Jane’s faithfulness. Daniel is told to be wealthy, strong, humble, caring and low-tempered.

Chapter Three:
The hatred of Peter to Jane has now piled up to the point that Peter leave her wife who is in labour pains for death. At this point when Jane needed Peter the most only Daniel showed up to help her. After delivering Jane still goes back to Peter in an attempt to prove her love for him but to her surprise Peter denies the child and hits Jane using his walking stick but she still holds on hoping for a better tomorrow.

Chapter Four:
Things are beyond salvaging now. A divorce is drafted and a court battle ensued. When Peter realizes that he might lose the custody of his son as a result of the case at court he vows to fight on. After losing the case he takes his cruelty a notch higher. Jane goes to stay at Daniel’s house with her son as Peter goes to Jane’s parents to demand for a refund of his dowry to Jane. We are introduced to Jane’s parents and her sister Wendy. Since they could not settle Peter’s demand, Wendy is handed over to Peter as a replacement of her divorced wife Jane. Wendy is further portrayed as a stigmatized woman.

Chapter Five:
In this chapter two characters are added to the list, the first is Damietta and the other is Melina. Damietta is the wife of Daniel, while Melina is a servant to Daniel’s house but his wife has enslaved her and made her carry out her errands. Damietta is shown to be a bitter and extremely dangerous fellow. Thinking that her husband and Jane were having any affair she confides in Melina about killing Jane. We are further shown her past and or the evil she had done. After completing her plan on killing Jane she eliminates Melina due to a past plan in which they were almost discovers. As fate would have it the evil plan turns to haunt her. In the authour’s words, “…little did she know that she was her own ultimate killer.”

Chapter Six:
After getting ill, Peter’s father dies eventually implying that Peter being the only child will inherit all of his father’s massive wealth. The author narrates to us another of Peter’s evil character, that of bragging. He made sure everyone in the village knew that he was rich again. The author writes about Wendy being a tough and egotistical woman whom Peter could not manipulate easily. A fight ensued between them both. Peter’s knowledge in the Bible is further portrayed after he quotes a verse during the struggle. After kicking Wendy out of his new house, Peter starts to regret his actions towards Jane. He starts to feel how loves her. He tries unsuccessfully to get in touch with her. She approaches Jane put she turns her away.

Chapter Seven:
Peter embarks on a journey to find his son that he had no seen for years. On the way he is involved in an accident and is critically injured. Word spreads in the village about the accident and they gather to go to the hospital to see him. In his last words Peter tells of his love for Jane. The name of their son is also revealed as to be Don. A bitter side of Peter’s mother is also brought out. Peter eventually dies and Jane could not bear it, she decides to commit suicide. Peter’s burial is flocked with remorseful villagers that shows their character of forgiveness and love for their own. The author ends his tale in a suspension to the readers. Death would haunt the villagers rather too soon.

```¬¬¬``` THE END ```¬¬¬```

I hope you find this narration quite yummy to swallow. It is a cheap fiction book and can be found on Those who have read it can testify that this book is a must read for all categories on people regardless of profession, age, gender or race. It is a short piece which can take an average person 3-5 uninterrupted hours of reading. I have as much as possible tried to use simple English and I believe you will find it interesting. Feel free to contact me in case of any issue. Thank you.

Victor Mochere
Shed My Blood